Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bye Bye Bush

Am I the only one who thinks the inauguration coverage/hoopla is a bit much?

scrambled sausage, 3 eggs--2c

6 oz cheeseburger--1c
small lettuce salad, 3 TB caesar dressing--3c

2 beef sticks--1c
1 string cheese--1c


16oz t-bone steak--oc

Total carbs--8

I'm giving up coconut oil for a while. I can't help but believe that coconut oil, being a MCT oil will interfere with my body burning my bodyfat. What I mean is my body can be using body fat for fuel and when I take some coconut oil my body will stop burning body fat because coconut oil doesn't need to be metabolized but is immediately used for energy. So my body should stop burning body fat while it's using coconut oil for energy. It's a priority thing. Does this make sense? This assumes I'm in ketosis, which I am. So I'm going to cut it out and see what happens.

Wulf Man out.

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