Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Menus


9:00 - 6 sausage links, 3 slices bacon, 3 fried eggs

1:00 - 6 sausage links, 3 fried eggs

5:30 - 4oz grilled cheeseburger, 4oz grilled hamburger, dill pickles

8:00 - 4 small slim jims, 2 string cheese

2 quarts water
1 stick sugar free gum


9:30 - 2 sausage links, 3 fried eggs

2:15 - 3 4oz grilled hamburgers

7:15 - 2 4oz grilled cheeseburgers, 3 Tb natural peanut butter, 4 small slim jims

2 quarts water
1 stick sugar free gum

Went to the dentist today. Three fillings and one temporary crown. Oh joy... I'm hungry as hell right now but my mouth is still mostly numb.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Week Begins


9:00 - 6 sausage links, 3 fried eggs

12:00 - 6 sausage links, 3 fried eggs

3:30 - 1oz macadamia nuts, 4 small slim jims

5:00 - 8oz cheeseburger, 1oz macadamia nuts

8:30 - summer sausage, 2 string cheese

2 quarts water, 2 cups coffee, 2 diet sodas

This Friday, which is the first day of May, I'm giving up my morning coffee and all diet soda. I've toyed with the ideas before, in fact, back in 2000 when I started Atkins I stopped drinking coffee and felt good doing it. I replaced it with a quart of water in the morning, which I still have. But at some point I made the decision to add coffee back into my diet. Since coffee has been shown to raise insulin levels and keeping insulin levels stable is the basis for a low carb diet, well, it just makes sense to cut it out. In fact Atkins says to nix the caffeine.

I've been drinking 2-3 bottles of Diet Rite soda every day too and while it doesn't contain caffeine, I'm sure it keeps the sweet tooth alive. It's got to go. I'm going to clean up my diet a bit too. Less processed meat. Fewer nuts. More water.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Eats

11:00 - 6 sausage links, 4 scrambled eggs

5:00 - Hardees Low Carb Monster Thickburger

8:00 - 6 small Slim Jims, 2 string cheese, 2 oz macademia nuts

It rained all weekend. The final tally was over 7 inches. We needed rain but jeez, that's a bit much. We laid some sod in our yard friday and it was loving the rainy weekend. Me. Not so much. I've got a perfectly good Harley sitting in the garage waiting patiently.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday Menu

9:00 - 2 sausage patties, 4 fried eggs

12:00 - Hardees Low Carb Monster Thickburger

7:00 - 2 sausage patties, 4 fried eggs

2 quarts water

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday Menu

9:00 - 2 sausage patties, 3 fried eggs

11:30 - ground hamburger with cheese and ranch

3:00 - 2 sausage patties, 3 fried eggs

7:00 - 1oz macadamia nuts, 8oz cheeseburger with ranch

8:00 - 1/2 cup Carbsmart ice cream

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday Menu

10 oz flat iron steak
1 oz mixed nuts

2TB natural peanut butter

2 oz mixed nuts
4 small slim jims

Not too hungry. The scale dropped 3 lbs.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mess With The Bull...

You get the horn!

So it seems that Mr. Fuckstick, the 19 year old jerk off and my 16 year old step-daughter have been sneaking around behind our backs for the better part of three weeks. It came to a head Saturday night when they decided it was time to consummate their relationship. That's right, dear daughter is so desperate for attention that she gave up her virginity to an adult male scumbag (literally) after knowing him for less than a month and never really going on a date. All the while lying through her teeth. I lost any respect I had for her. She can never get that back. Never.

Anyway, I found all this out yesterday afternoon when she woke up. I promptly took her cell phone and was flipping through her text messages, you know the ones, guys reminding her to ditch the condom wrapper and such. So I flip shut the phone and it rings. Guess who. That's right, said scumbag is making a follow up call. He's such a sweet guy. So I tell him he can't see her and he says we have to talk and I should drive to where he is and we'll talk. You betcha. I'm there.

So I show up. I tell him he can't see my daughter. Period. Then he gets a bright idea. He decides he is going to teach dad a lesson and he swings and hits me in the jaw. Bam. It's on. Long story short. I whipped his ass. In fact he later posted on his online profile that "he got his shit rocked". There was blood (his) and everything. Of course the cops showed up and since he obviously got the worse end of the deal they decided they would charge me with some sort of assault. The officer was decent and understanding of my situation and didn't arrest me but he said he will file a charge based on his injuries later this week or so.

So now it's up to the lawyers and courts. But I still say, he can't date my daughter! Of course she is so totally grounded for so long that she'll be in Depends by the time they can get together again. And based on his M.O. he likes them young. Problem solved.

Anyway, back to menus soon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday & Thursday


8:15 - 4 fried eggs, 3 sausage patties, coc oil
10:00 - post-workout protein shake
10:45 - 8oz cheeseburger, low carb cole slaw, coc oil
4:00 - egg salad
6:00 - 2 chicken brats, mashed cauliflower, coc oil

3 quarts water
1 stick sugar free gun

Workout: chest-tricep


8;15 - 4 fried eggs, ground sausage, coc oil
1:45 - 8oz cheeseburger, low carb cole slaw, coc oil
4:00 - 2oz sharp cheddar cheese
6:30 - dinner at Old Chicago Restaurant - guacamole burger (no bun), side salad. This was a free meal off a limited menu because the restaurant is just opening and they are training the staff. My niece is working there so she invited us to come. It's a nice restaurant. Once I was there and looking at the menu, I remembered we ate at one last summer when we were vacationing in Duluth, which is a great vacation spot by the way. I wish I wasn't low carbing last night. I would have had a calzone. That's what I had last summer and they are fucking great! Anyway, I was still pretty hungry when I left there and had to eat once I returned home.

7:45 - 3 fried eggs, ground sausage

3 quarts water
1 stick sugar free gum

Feels Pretty Good!

That's right. After one A.R.T. treatment my plantar fasciitis infested foot feels much, much better. I don't know why the mainstream medical establishment doesn't know about this stuff. It flat out works. Works wonders in fact.

The Doc told me to stop using the foot brace. She said it would work against what she just did to my foot. So last night, for the first time in quite a while, I slept without it. Guess what. I woke up this morning and my foot felt almost good as new. It boggles my mind.

I have another appointment early next week and they gave me some stretches to do. The stretches are active isolated stretches. Instead of holding a stretch for 15-30 seconds like most people recommend, you hold it for 2 seconds, release and hold again for 2 seconds and on and on like that until you reach the prescribed amount. I've heard about this before and once you read the literature it makes sense.

It amazes me just how "stuck in the dark ages" most of the mainstream is. No matter if it's nutrition, injury rehab or just how and when to stretch, the mainstream is usually just flat out wrong. It makes you wonder...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Three Posts in One Day

Hey, that's something new.

So I'm sitting here watching Blind Date (I love that show) and the UPS guy drops off a Fedex letter. That's right. UPS delivered a Fedex letter. Did I miss news of the merger?

Active Release Technique

Sounds dirty doesn't it? It's not. It's a soft tissue manipulation somewhat like a deep massage. You can check out the details here. Let me just say, I had amazing results with it a few years ago with a terrible shoulder mobility issue I was having. At night my arms would go numb and it was super uncomfortable when I did bench presses. It sucked! Really sucked!! So I went to a chiropractor who was ART certified and no shit, after 1 visit my symptoms were 80% better. I was amazed. One more visit was all it took to get me back to normal.

Now I get to see what ART can do for plantar fasciitis. I've been bothered by it in my left foot for a few months now and it's not much fun. I dealt with a similar issue in my other foot a few years back and it took a year and a half before it went away. I didn't seek treatment then or wear a splint at night and I kept aggravating it while I was kickboxing, but a year and a half... Come on! So this time I'm taking measures to combat it. I've been wearing a foot splint at night for a month or so and it lessens the pain when I get up in the morning. But it still hurts like hell after I walk the dog or stand on it for an extended length of time. So now it's time to see if ART can do for me now what it did for me then. My appointment is Thursday.

One Little Fuck Up...

No I'm not talking about one of my kids. I'm talking about the one Reese's Peanut Butter Cup I devoured after dinner last night. Trust me, it could have been worse. 18 carbs in one little candy. To help blunt the surge of insulin that was sure to come, I ate a home made protein bar with it. These protein bars have 2 TB natural peanut butter and 2-4 TB heavy cream in them (along with protein powder) so they are loaded with fat and that should lessen the damage a little. None the less, I can't do that again. There will be plenty of time to indulge in crap like that once I'm at a lower body fat.

In fact, my plan of attack is this (I've changed it a bit from the original plan): Do a basic Atkins induction until my body fat gets lower. Then switch to more of a cyclical ketogenic diet, which means eating low carb 5-6 days and eating carbs one day (or just one meal, we'll see how it goes). But for now I've got to stick to the plan. Very low carb, few veggies, mostly meat, eggs and a little cheese along with a post-workout protein shake. Simple and it works.

Tuesday's Menu:

- 4 fried eggs, 3 sausage patties, 1 tb coc oil
- Hardees low carb Monster thickburger, 1 tb coc oil
- crackslaw, low carb coleslaw, 1 tb coc oil
- protein bar, Reeses PB egg, 2 hard boiled eggs

3 quarts water
1 stick gum

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nice Way to Start the Week


8:30 - 4 fried eggs, 4 sausage links, 1TB coconut oil, 2 cups coffee
10:00 - protein shake
2:00 - crackslaw, 2 oz cheese, 1TB coconut oil
5:30 - scrambled hamburger with shredded cheddar and ranch dressing, 1 hot dog, 1TB coconut oil

2 1/2 quarts water
1 stick sugar free gum

Had a great lifting session today. Worked back and biceps.

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Showers?

Snow showers! What the fuck? That's right it snowed Sunday. About 7 inches. Granted it'll all be gone by Wednesday but still... Here I am ready to come out of winter hibernation, I've got a shitload of stuff I want to get accomplished this spring, stuff I tend to put off in winter, and Mother Nature goes and shits all over us again. Fucking Bitch!

Anyway... Ate clean over the weekend. A bit higher in carbs on Saturday but still acceptable.

-leftover low carb pizza, 1 TB coconut oil
-hard boiled egg, pork rinds with french onion dip
-crackslaw, 1 TB Coconut oil
-home mage protein bar

2 1/2 quarts of water
1 stick sugar free gum

-4 fried eggs, 8 slices of bacon, 1 TB coconut oil
-8 oz cheeseburger with ranch dressing, 3 deviled eggs, 1 TB coconut oil
-4 fried eggs, 7 sausage links, 1 TB coconut oil
-beef jerky, 3 TB natural peanut butter

3 quarts water
1 stick sugar free gum

Sweepstakes Update:

Received two t-shirts today. One from Castrol and one from Keystone beer. Nothing major, but it beats a kick in the head.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday Eats

8:00 - 4 scrambled eggs with diced turkey breast and shredded cheese, 1TB coconut oil

1:30 - salad with diced turkey breast, shredded cheese and caesar dressing. 1TB coconut oil

5:30 - low carb pizza, 1TB coconut oil

3 quarts water. 1 stick sugar free gum

Another solid low carb day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Eating on the Run...

No problem!

Thursday Eats:

8:30 - 4 scrambled eggs with diced turkey breast and shredded cheese, 5 slices bacon, 1TB coconut oil

12:00 - Wendy's Baconator (no bun, of course), side salad with ranch dressing

5:45 - leftover pork cutlets, mashed cauliflower, 1TB coconut oil

Three quarts of water.

Another good day!

I am back down to the weight I was prior to my 4 day binge. Now onward and downward!


I'm often asked what I feed my dogs. Well not really but it works for this story. So to answer that often asked question... My dogs eat low carb too. How's this for appetizing?

That's right. A scrumptious turkey neck, chicken liver and ground turkey marinaded in a tablespoon of fish oil. All served raw. Wipe the drool off your chin and click here for more information.


On a note from the homefront. My 16 year old step-daughter decides she wants to date a 19 year old guy (Man!).

"He's so nice. You have to meet him."

"He's a grown man!"

"But, but..."

"No but's. He's too old. End of story."

What kind of guy wants to date a high school girl? Wait, dumb question. It's like Star Trek. The dream to go where no man has gone before...

It's not going to happen on my watch! No adult man is going to date my teenage daughter! Try it and see what happens. We'll have a pool to guess how long you stay in the hospital.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday Eats & Sweepstakes Update.

9:00 - 4 scrambled eggs with 2 hot dogs and some shredded cheese, 4 slices bacon, 1TB coconut oil

1:30 - 8oz cheeseburger, ranch dressing, 1oz cheese, 1TB coconut oil

5:45 - scrambled hamburger, mashed cauliflower with some shredded cheese, 3 fried pork cutlets, 1TB coconut oil

2 1/2 quarts water
1 stick sugar free gum

A great eating day!

Sweepstakes Update:

Yesterday I won a $30 gift certificate to which I redeemed for a long sleeved Tony Stewart t-shirt.

Today in the mail I received a coupon for a free Mars candy bar.

Keep 'em coming!