Friday, April 3, 2009

Eating on the Run...

No problem!

Thursday Eats:

8:30 - 4 scrambled eggs with diced turkey breast and shredded cheese, 5 slices bacon, 1TB coconut oil

12:00 - Wendy's Baconator (no bun, of course), side salad with ranch dressing

5:45 - leftover pork cutlets, mashed cauliflower, 1TB coconut oil

Three quarts of water.

Another good day!

I am back down to the weight I was prior to my 4 day binge. Now onward and downward!


I'm often asked what I feed my dogs. Well not really but it works for this story. So to answer that often asked question... My dogs eat low carb too. How's this for appetizing?

That's right. A scrumptious turkey neck, chicken liver and ground turkey marinaded in a tablespoon of fish oil. All served raw. Wipe the drool off your chin and click here for more information.


On a note from the homefront. My 16 year old step-daughter decides she wants to date a 19 year old guy (Man!).

"He's so nice. You have to meet him."

"He's a grown man!"

"But, but..."

"No but's. He's too old. End of story."

What kind of guy wants to date a high school girl? Wait, dumb question. It's like Star Trek. The dream to go where no man has gone before...

It's not going to happen on my watch! No adult man is going to date my teenage daughter! Try it and see what happens. We'll have a pool to guess how long you stay in the hospital.


  1. OMG I totally sympathize with you on this. My daughter is 15, and grown men look at her more than teenage boys do. It's kind of sickening.

  2. I always thought she would have the sense to blow off someone who wasn't the same age... I guess I forgot how strong those surging teenage hormones are.