Monday, April 20, 2009

Mess With The Bull...

You get the horn!

So it seems that Mr. Fuckstick, the 19 year old jerk off and my 16 year old step-daughter have been sneaking around behind our backs for the better part of three weeks. It came to a head Saturday night when they decided it was time to consummate their relationship. That's right, dear daughter is so desperate for attention that she gave up her virginity to an adult male scumbag (literally) after knowing him for less than a month and never really going on a date. All the while lying through her teeth. I lost any respect I had for her. She can never get that back. Never.

Anyway, I found all this out yesterday afternoon when she woke up. I promptly took her cell phone and was flipping through her text messages, you know the ones, guys reminding her to ditch the condom wrapper and such. So I flip shut the phone and it rings. Guess who. That's right, said scumbag is making a follow up call. He's such a sweet guy. So I tell him he can't see her and he says we have to talk and I should drive to where he is and we'll talk. You betcha. I'm there.

So I show up. I tell him he can't see my daughter. Period. Then he gets a bright idea. He decides he is going to teach dad a lesson and he swings and hits me in the jaw. Bam. It's on. Long story short. I whipped his ass. In fact he later posted on his online profile that "he got his shit rocked". There was blood (his) and everything. Of course the cops showed up and since he obviously got the worse end of the deal they decided they would charge me with some sort of assault. The officer was decent and understanding of my situation and didn't arrest me but he said he will file a charge based on his injuries later this week or so.

So now it's up to the lawyers and courts. But I still say, he can't date my daughter! Of course she is so totally grounded for so long that she'll be in Depends by the time they can get together again. And based on his M.O. he likes them young. Problem solved.

Anyway, back to menus soon.

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  1. Holy shit! Is there anything you can do about him? Restraining order? I guess 16 is probably the age of "consent" in most states, so no charges for that one. And for sure, she wouldn't have a cell phone anymore, no allowance, etc. I don't envy you. My 15 year old likes a boy who is 17, nearly 18. However, he still lives at home w/his mom, and kind of nerdy, and not too mature for his age.

    But good for you for kicking his ass, the little son of a bitch!!