Monday, March 16, 2009

Very Good Weekend!

Here was my weekend menu:

-6 sausage links, 3 scrambled eggs, shredded cheese
-Burger King- double Bk Stacker, no bun of course, side salad with ranch dressing
-18oz sirloin steak, salad with ranch

-3 sausage patties, 3 fried eggs
-1 oz cheese, 12oz ribeye
-steak in a salad with caesar dressing
-beef jerky, 3oz cheddar cheese

There you have it. A great low carb menu. I lost 2lbs last week and hope to duplicate that this week.

Today's plan:
-3 sausage patties, 3 fried eggs
-Burger King- low carb triple stacker, side salad with ranch
-protein shake
-grilled chicken legs/thighs, steamed broc/caul.

That's right. It's finally grilling weather. With any luck I'll be firing up the Harley tomorrow too.

So it's spring break week and I told my kids we will go out for lunch every day this week. We have a couple of their friends here today so we'll go to a Burger King with a play area. I hope to mostly avoid the fast food joints this week but today is an exeption.

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  1. Good job! Eating out can be the hardest part about eating low carb.