Friday, March 20, 2009

Vitamins and Pepperoni Pizza.

I thought I'd list the supplements I'm currently taking.

Men's Multivitamin
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Chromium Picolinate
Krill oil

Before bed:

Here's Friday's menu plan:
-ground sausage, 3 fried eggs, coconut oil
-pork chop, salad with caesar dressing, coconut oil
-low carb pepperoni pizza, coconut oil

Friday is typically pizza night here. I have a low carb version that just rocks. I skipped it last week in favor of just meat and the scale moved the right way. I'm kind of hesitant to add it back in my menu since it has pizza sauce and lots of cheese.

OK, I've just talked myself out of it. I'm going to have a 8oz cheeseburger and salad instead. I'll start adding in these types of recipes/foods down the road. For now I've got to stick with whats working. I'm shooting for at least another 2lb loss this week.

Mid Day Update: Went to Wendy's for lunch today. Had a triple, no bun and a side salad with ranch. Dinner will now be a leftover pork chop (called Iowa Chop around here), maybe a small salad and sf jello.


  1. OK, I swear I'm not trying to be the quiz master, but what is ZMA, and what does the krill oil do? Also, you have coconut oil listed as food intake, rather than a supplement, so are you using that for some specific purpose? I know you are lifting weights (and a man) so I didn't know if this was stuff specific to you as a guy, as a weight lifter, or to the low carb. (Might make a good post.)

  2. I'll just call you Wink Martindale...

    I'll give the "short" answer to your questions and will create a post about supplements at a later date.

    ZMA is a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin b6. It supports testosterone levels and if I didn't lift weights I wouldn't necessarily take it. It also can help you sleep. Hence my taking it at night.

    I take krill oil capsules instead of fish oil. It has more bio available omega-3's and is just a better source for them, in my opinion.

    As far as coconut oil, I mostly take it to help with appetite suppression. I know coconut oil helps get people into ketosis but I'm not so sure about all the health benefits attributed it, so I consider it a food and not a supplement. Make sense?

  3. Ah, well, I suppose I don't want any extra testosterone! lol
    I actually take flax seed oil capsules myself. I have never heard of krill oil, so I was curious. =)

  4. I used to swig flax seed oil. It was very bitter and just overall nasty tasting. Then I moved on to fish oil. Lemon flavored. Like that makes it taste good. Now it's krill oil. My kids and dogs still get the fish oil.

  5. LOL Well I take it in capsules, so there's no taste.

  6. YUM...low carb pizza. I'm definitely trying that recipe.

  7. It's a good one! It actually tastes great cold the next morning